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We are your complete Real Estate website for buying or selling homes in West Hudson and South Bergen Counties. In 1891, when Edward A. Strong founded The Bixler Group, LLC he never would have imagined that over 115 years later his family members would still be carrying on the tradition of service within the community. Furthermore, not in his wildest dreams would he have thought home buyers would be searching for homes on the internet.

This is why we have developed this complete Real Estate website for all of our clients who are looking to buy or sell Residential or Commercial Properties. Not only are buyers able to browse the vast array of color photos and complete descriptions about the listings we have to offer, but the entire Multiple Listing Service properties in Northern New Jersey are available to be viewed from our site!

We are pleased to provide this added level of service on a 24/7 basis. However, at The Bixler Group, LLC we want our clients past, present and future to know we will continue to provide the highest standards of professional service with the personal touch they have become accustomed to.